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Atticus Collins

Atticus Collins - (a real boy). Atticus was a gift from my father, a gift of love that kept growing and giving. We raised him from a wee thing to adulthood. When he was young he had a jungle to play in and wide open hardwood floors to scamper on. Becky brought him his first toy when our own relationship was just starting. I made a pact with him when he was a baby by turning him on his back and holding him up in the air in the palm of one hand. When he stopped squirming and was fully relaxed, we knew we had a deal. The pact we made said that I would do everything in my power to protect and love him in exchange for his trust and love. It was a bond that neither of us ever broke, even to his last day as we decided for him the manner in which he left the world.

Atticus was the funniest, friendliest, and quirkiest of the dogs in our pack. He was no General but he was a gifted Diplomat and always sought out the oldest one in any group, be they dog, or be they human. He had a deep respect for old men no matter where he met them. He adored wearing costumes. He loved his toys and anything brought home wrapped was obviously a present for him. He had faults too. He could be a little jealous if someone else got to wear a costume, or was allowed to play with toys. He could also be sneaky, as evidenced by his ability to "tiptoe" into the kitchen late at night to eat the forbidden cat food. He loved to play tricks like "I'm so black you can't see me" A game he played on dark nights in the corner of the yard, silent and unmoving at our call. I often thought that he was a real boy waiting for his next life. I hope it is true. read more
- Dan Collins

Galveston: Atti's paw

Fifteen paws on sand
One hangs in the air lightly
Making him special


One dislike

I remember how
you were not so fond of rain
cold drops on warm fur


The way you loved him

A hothouse orchid
Rubbing his belly sweetly
That's what you called him

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The inspiration behind Artpaw, Atticus brought more people and possibility into our lives than we could ever have imagined. Atticus inspired us creatively in business, life, and love. He is sorely missed.


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