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Nessie Collins

Nessie in many ways was the most noble and sweetest of all our scots. She was transported from a shelter in San Angelo to one in Dallas where a friend spotted her for us. We always imagined she had a dusty life of adversity and adventure before she came to us and we always recognized her as a powerful force. Even looking back to her first bio, we sensed her extraordinary ability to drink in every bit of life from every second she was given. From unsure beginnings, She became a real leader in our pack. Now we find ourselves saying "The trains no longer run on time" without Nessie keeping order. Nessie rarely showed weakness or pain. She never asked for much and was grateful for everything. She shared power with Atticus in a way unusual for dogs. Although she was the alpha she always let Atticus have the toys first and only defended her bones and the bed we gave her for Christmas.

Our girl had a great sense of humor and often sat on the sidelines laughing at us and our antics. She loved to go places and a ride in the car was a treat indeed (as long as it wasn't too far). Our favorite game, "Snappy face", was something most people might consider a bit dangerous. She and I used to take turns snapping at each other's faces in pretend viciousness and then roll around laughing on the bed. Once when we screwed up and clashed teeth, I saw Nessie's dedication to the order of things come full force to the top. She couldn't believe she had actually had a confrontation with the human alpha. She almost offered to commit sepuku as atonement. That incident shook her to the core for a brief moment and burned her name in my heart forever. She loved life more than any dog we have known and was a great friend to Atticus. We lost our sweet Nessie on 11-16-05 after a long battle with cushing's and a short battle with cancer.
- Dan Collins


Summer's Girl

Home in the evening,
She greets me with less spunk
Her grey beard a slow smile


You Went for One Swim

You went for a swim,
Though it was bitterly cold
nothing could stop you

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Nessie Collins ( original bio from 2001)
Nessie came to us like the wind off the turbulent waves and the cold shores of Loch Ness, from whence she is named. Sick, mean, disheveled, dirty, she was downright monstrous. As you can see from the photos above it took a little work to turn her into the princess she is. She is now enrolled in home school etiquette classes and bladder awareness training. She is progressing quite nicely in these areas. We aren't quite sure what to do about her telekinetic abilities though. Upon her third encounter with crate training she willed a waste basket full of trash on its side and into her crate simultaneously making it impossible to put her in the crate and letting us know her opinion of the attempt. Upon discovery sufficient emotionally charged psychic energy exploded from her embarrassment and escaped the bathroom to separate the ceiling fan crashing from its bracket two rooms away! We were taken aback. However, being staunch Scottie lovers in all their manifestations, we believe with all our hearts that a little love and understanding will help her channel these mystic powers toward our common good or at least diminish their erratic interludes and establish once more the blanket of bliss enveloping our happy multi-pet home. We welcome Nessie with open arms (and biscuits too). Phoebe is the last hold out but we think she secretly enjoys hissing a little in passing as poor little Nessie is caged at bed time. Nessie is slowly getting the idea that she is no longer cast upon the waters and is settling in peacefully. Thank you Christi for spotting her at the DAAER No-Kill shelter and bringing her into our lives

Vital Stats:
24 lbs
3-5 yrs old?
SBF (fixed)

Pretty brown eyes

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