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The 4TH Annual Fala Day, May 8TH 2004
Benefiting North Texas Scottie Rescue

Atticus' recap of the day:

Last Sunday we had a blast at Fala Day. Mom set up a booth again this year and sold a few Scottie prints. Nessie and I came with my Da late in the day, and I was very sad to have missed the costume contest. I really wanted to be a chicken again, but at least Mom took some great pictures of some of the contestants. I doubt that I could have won this year as it looks like the competition was pretty darn steep! We had fun watching some of the other events.

There were some really cool vendors and Mom shopped for Da at the booth of that really nice Antique Scottie Lady from Austin named Linda Bassett. Well she is not antique, she is sort of young really but her cool collectibles are very antique. We were set up right next to the dog cap people and Three Dog Howl. We did not get to see very much of Cheryl from Three Dog Howl, since she was the designated photographer that day. You have to check out some of the cool Scottie photos she took.

There was a 10 week old puppy at the event named Teddy, and Mom fell in love with him. I wasn't too jealous, not really . There was another pup she was also quite taken with that well, er, let's just say he was a "random bred" sort of guy. He had really really long legs but his face was all Scottie. Mom thought he was just about one of the coolest dogs at Fala day, well besides me of course ... and Nessie.

Mom's Art Paw Contest:
In addition to giving away an 11 x 14 custom portrait on watercolor paper, Mom decided to also give away 5 - 5 x7 custom portraits on Canvas in a drawing she did from Scotties that signed up at our booth.
The 5 winning Scotties are:
Mac Gregor Chaney
Taylor Anderson
Rogue Adrian
Skye King Ferris

Maggie Martin

The winning Scotties get to choose between having a traditional soft and pretty Portrait done or a wild and colorful Warhol styled portrait.

scottie puppy picture Scottish Terrier Picture
Scottish Terrier Pictures

Scottish Terrier Picture

Scottish Terrier Picture

Visit North Texas Scottie Rescue
for more Fala Day photos

wheaton scottish terrier picture

wheaton scottish terrier

Scottish Terrier Picture
Ginger as Geni

Scottish Terrier Picture

Scottish Terrier Pictures
Sky King

Scottish Terrier Pictures
Sky King

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