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About Warhol Inspired Pop Art
Sending Photos
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This page should answer most of your questions about ordering your custom pet portrait, however you can always pick up the phone and give us a call toll-free at 888-225-4278.

Pet Portraits

From your photos!

How To Order

Q. Do I order on-line or can I send my photos and payment by mail?

A. You may either order completely on-line or you can also print out our printable order form and send it along with your snapshots by regular mail. You can also call us toll-free to place your order 888-225-4278.

Q. How much do your custom portraits cost?

A. Our portrait prices range from $135 to $640. We like to have a size and price point for every budget. We offer a variety of styles, sizes , and materials.
Our Price List outlines the various options.


About Our Giclee Prints

Q.What exactly is a digital print? Are these paintings, how are they created?

A. Our medium is our computer. Art Paw Pet Portraits are created from your snapshots on the computer. We offer our clients Giclee printing on artist grade canvas. These digital portraits look like paintings that took months to create. Giclee Printing is the highest quality digital ink jet printing available for fine artists today. The archival quality of these prints is much higher than the "standard" inkjet prints that most portrait artists offer. Giclee prints will last a lifetime. All of our custom prints are signed by the artist.

Q. Do I need to handle these works with special care?

A. We encourage our clients to hang all of our portrait prints away from direct sunlight. Any fine art print or painting will fade over time when exposed to direct sun every day.


About Warhol Inspired Pop Art
Q. Can I choose my colors?

A. Yes of course, all of our work is custom and so if you have favorite colors you would like us to use just let us know by e-mail or by jotting down some notes on your order form. We are fond of screaming loud colors, however we have created the four quadrant print using softer and more natural colors when requested.

Q. Can I place a different pet in each panel of my Pop Art Print?

A. Yes. There is an additional $30.00 fee for each additional pet. This covers the cost of scanning and cleaning up each photograph. Pets do not need to be in the same photo for us to place them together.

Q. Do you do pop art portraits of humans?

A. Yes. We have done a handful of people portraits, and you can find those by clicking here.

Q. Can I just get a proof of all 4 of your different art styles? I can not choose and I really want to see my pet in a Pop Art Portrait, Painterly style, Master Paw Print too.

A. Yes we can do that however there will be an artwork design fee associated with each additional style of proof, beyond the first style ordered. Each portrait and every single proof takes several hours of work by trained artists. Unfortunately, there is no magic button to push that will show you how your pet will look in each style, it is very important for you to try and choose the style you like best. Once you choose a basic style we will show you several different proofs with a variety of colors within that one style.


Sending Photos

Q. What is the best resolution and file size for digital photos?

A. When sending us your digital files, we prefer a resolution of 300dpi, or a file size of 1MB or higher. For more information on resolution and file size, see our photo tips page.

Q. I have several photos of my pet, and I can't choose between them. Can you show me proofs from several snapshots?

A. NO. If you are having a hard time choosing your favorite snapshot you might let us help you, we often know what will work best. Because of the labor intsensive nature of our artwork we can not spend several hours or days working with several photos and providing custom proofs created from a dozen different photographs... it is very important to choose one great photo to have us work from, and we can help with that.

Q. Can I snail-mail you a real snapshot instead of emailing a digital photo?

A. Yes. Please send your real snapshots to the address below. If you have already placed your order online, be sure to include your name and address with your photos.

Art Paw
P.O. Box 181085
Dallas, TX. 75218-1085

Q. Will I get my original snapshots back?

A. Yes. All snapshots will be returned. We have never lost one yet! We do recommend making a copy of your snapshot if the picture is precious, perhaps of a deceased pet. We can not be responsible for lost mail due to post office errors.


Delivery Time and Shipping

Q. How long will it take to get my portrait?

A. It really depends on the amount of orders we have in-house at the moment. We usually ship orders out within 2 to 3 weeks of receiving them. If a portrait is needed sooner or by a specific date you can call 888-225-4278 to discuss placing a rush on your order. Each piece takes a bare minimum of one week to complete and all portraits are created in the order that they are received. Rebecca's painterly style of art may take a little longer due the complex nature of the work.

In order to bump your order to the front of the line a rush fee of $75 is required.

Q. How are my portraits packaged?

A. Rolled canvas prints are shipped in a mailing tube. Stretched canvas prints are packaged flat in strong boxes with bubble wrap and wrapping paper.

Q. How are portraits shipped?

A. We generally ship USPS Priority Mail or FedEx. When a print is needed quickly for gift giving we may ask our clients to choose next day air and pay for those additional fees. Local clients can always arrange to pick up their art in person (the Scotties love meeting other dogs so bring them along).


Satisfaction guarantee

Q. Will I get a proof of my artwork before you print and ship it?

A. Yes. We proof all of our customers online with a minimum of 10 proofs. You may choose from one of the proofs provided, and you do receive one free set of design tweeks. If, after your free set of revisions, you are still not satisfied and need additional work done, we charge a design fee of $75/hour.

Q. What if I'm not happy with my art work?

A. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on your project and we are happy to rework things to make them just right. Our free revision policy is outlined here: http://artpaw.com/about_updates.html

A project may be canceled at any time during the design phase for a refund of 50%. We keep 50% of the project cost to cover our time and expenses. Since proofs are supplied prior to printing, we cannot refund any money after you have approved a proof for printing. If your print arrives in the mail with damage due to shipping mishandling or other apparent surface flaws, we will replace the print or refund your money, but we cannot refund money when no apparent flaws are present. Shipping fees will not be refunded.

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Gift Certificates

Q. Do you offer Gift certificates?

A. Yes. We offer a wide variety of denominations. Our Gift Certificates are generally sent via e-mail unless a hard copy certificate is requested.

Q. How do I redeem my certificate?

A. The fastest way to redeem your Art Paw gift certificate is by going through our regular online ordering process. Simply click on the "order now" link under the portrait style you received, and follow the steps to complete our ordering process. You will have a chance to choose "gift certificate" as your payment option and enter your gift certificate code. Click here from more information on redeeming your certificate.

Q. Do gift certificates act as cash?

A. They do in that your recepient can upgrade their portrait size to a larger option by paying the difference. We do not offer any cash refunds on gift certificates.



Q. I have a pet oriented business. Can I use my pet's portrait on my logo or in my store for product signage?

A. No. Art Paw retains the reproduction rights on all of our original art work. You hold the copyright on your snapshot that we work from, however once we turn that snapshot into original art we retain the copyright on the new original art work created from that image. We would be happy to negotiate an additional graphic design fee for commercial use. We keep our residential prices low because we love pets and we love their people. Please call us if you have a commercial use inquiry.

Q. Will you be using my pet's art on your web site and in your gift shop products?

A. Yes. We do on occasion place some of our client's art on gift items in our giftshop and into limited edition prints. By reproducing our work in this way we are able to keep our custom prices low and we are also able to get more of our art out into the world. If you prefer not to share your pet's art and give him his web fame, you can let us know and as a professional courtesy we will refrain from adding him to our site and marketing materials.


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