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Ajax Collins

Nessie's sadness after the loss of her brother prompted us to seek out a companion for her. And so with the help of friends we adopted the spryest of pups. Ajax came to us at around the age of one ... still a puppy, sweet, shy but bursting with the joy of life. We called him Nessie's dog and she fully accepted ownership. She hovered over him like a new mother protecting him from all dangers real or imagined, such as our friend's dogs, strangers, or any careless miss-step by us humans. Very soon though he became her agile hunting partner and many a squirrel did rue the day.

Ajax is a runner, and fast (the likely cause of his orphan hood). When he first hit our backyard making broad long 4 feet leaps over the sidewalk we were convinced that he could also fly and that he must have been an eagle in a past life. It took a while until we were satisfied that our fence would trump his wanderlust. read more
- Dan Collins

Adopted bird

Tiny paws aflight
Black, bittersweet spot of joy
Nessie's eagle child



Ajax hunting

A curious leap,
Joyful bark and playful pounce
Not Amused, Fat squirrel?

More Haiku Poetry

His fine attributes, the love of his tribe, his warrior spirit, a steadfast devotion to what is right, and seemingly effortless forays into mid-air gave him his name. No, he is not called Ajax after the abrasive cleanser in the blue and white canister. He proudly bears the name of the bold Greek warrior whose father thought he was left by eagles as a gift from the gods; Achilles' right hand man, hero in the Trojan War.

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