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To place your order entirely on-line today just choose your size below. Additional pets per portrait and other extras can be selected by using the "continue shopping button" in your cart. Payments processed securely with paypal.

Step #1: Upload your pet photo(s)
(You may also e-mail your snapshot to artpaw.com@gmail.com
Or, mail by post to: Art Paw P.O. box 181085 Dallas TX 75218-1085)

 Uploading time varies depending on your connection.

Send the largest resolution image file you have. We prefer images that are around 1000k in size. Send what you have and we will let you know if your digital image will work well.

Do not reduce your file size.

Photo Tips

Step #2: Choose size and stretching preference below.
Our shopping cart will launch and you can pay now by credit card or choose "pay by check" and make payment arrangements later. The sooner you make payment the sooner we can start on your project.

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Step #3: We will be in touch by e-mail. Once we have your photos and your order has been placed either on-line or off-line we will be sending you a quick questionnaire by e-mail about the colors and design ideas you may have.

Want to order off-line? We have a form you can print from your web browser here. Or just download our pdf form.

Common Questions on ordering:

What is the difference between Stretched and Rolled canvas?

Shipping costs?

More than one pet per portrait? Yes ... see "choose your extras" menu above to select additional pet ( $30).

Satisfaction Guarantee? Yes, click here to learn more.

Call us toll-free 888.225.4278
E-mail us at artpaw.com@gmail.com

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