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Send in a GREAT 1MB photo and save 50%
on any size or style portrait
see photo restrictions below

Christmas In July : 1MB sale!!!

Promo code: " 1mb "

I am tired of working with images that are just way too low in resolution and so I am having a sale this month. The 50% off sale is good for any size or style of pet portrait. In order to qualify for the sale price your order must meet 3 strict guidelines:

#1 No glow eye on the photos you send us! We must be able to see the eyes and also some actual coat detail ( fur or whiskers ).

#2 The image sent must be 1mb or higher in file size.

#3 Order must be placed on-line using shopping cart, use promo code: 1mb then hit recalculate to see your savings. E-mail your 1 MB photo to artpaw.com@gmail.com
or upload photo here: http://artpaw.com/uploadorder.html


If you need help understanding file size and resolution click here for more info.

If you know you can not obtain a quality photo at that "preferred 1 MB" resolution then you can take advantage of our 20% off sale by sending us a photo at our "minimum desired file size" of 500kb. Anything lower than 500 kb is what is known as "web quality" and it does not enlarge well at all.

Save 20 % on 500 kb image submissions:
Promo code: " 20off

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