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golden retriever art
golden retrievers
golden retriever
golden retriever art
golden retriever
golden retriever art

Golden Retriever Project: Bear
Painterly style portrait

Notes: This project was a joy, due to the fun image of Bear with stick and the fact that the original photograph was a professional quality image shot by Bear's humans that just happen to be wildlife photographers. We tried to capture a little "wild life" in sweet Bear.
From Bear's human: "I am not sure what you could do to it to make it look better -- it truly is awesome just the way it is Bear looks so alive and happy -- you really captured his true self" –Lisa

Proof #1
golden retriever larger

Stunning original photo:

Original photo copyright by Lisa Husar teamhusar.com

This work of art has been completed. We can immortallize your Golden Retriever, too! Visit our pricing guide for more information.


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