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Working from other famous paintings:
Do you have a favorite painting not shown here that you would like us to use for your pet's portrait? We can do so if you will send us a book or postcard with your desired art work. We will charge you an additional fee of $25 to scan and adjust your painting. The artist that created your original painting must be from a bygone era ( living artists are not always happy when you appropriate their work for pet portraits). Here at Art Paw we believe in great customer service, however we do not have the staff available to send someone to the library looking for that painting of the girl by the thing, painted by that guy with the beard. Just send us a copy of your favorite painting and we will be very happy to work from it. We will return your book upon completion of your portrait. We would suggest looking at for books on your favorite artists.

We will be adding paintings to this gallery when we find some time. We are always open to suggestions if you think there is something we should add. Please e-mail us any comments or painting suggestions. In fact the dogs playing poker were added to our gallery because of large customer requests. We can't make any promises but we will certainly put your ideas on the list of possibilities.
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