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The Master Paw Print Gallery

Every pet deserves their chance to be turned into a masterpiece of fine art. In the other rooms in this gallery you will find: Salvador Doggie, Boucher, Rousseau, Manet, Munch, Pissaro, and many others. We agree it's a little on the kitsch side of things, but hey... we love art history, we love our animals, and we love our Macintosh. We decided that the only way to combine all three passions into one unified whole was to have a little fun with the masters.

These quirky "paintings" make great presents and go well in any interior. Surprise your loved one with our custom pet art. We print these pet masterpieces on to either watercolor paper or artist grade canvas. Your dog or cat can be seamlessly placed into any painting in the master paw print gallery for as low as $45.

Anyone with a scanner & good photo imaging software can try this it home, and yet I challenge anyone to do it with the same level of professional craftsmanship as the digital artists at Art Paw. Click on the images for enlargements to get a better idea of the smooth and realistic photo manipulation that goes into these fine works of art.

Ordering your custom portrait is easy. The hard part is deciding which famous painting to place your pet in. To order just click on your favorite painting and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. You can order on line or by mail ... the choice is yours. All orders have a satisfaction guarantee.

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