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Welcome to The Cool Gallery

Here at Art Paw we really like to let our art work speak for itself. By clicking on the thumbnails above you can see full enlargements of each of the pet portraits in this gallery room. We are going to ramble on now a bit about our work....you see the search engines really like sites that have some sort of text or "content". Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words never encountered a search engine, robot or spider!

You may have noticed we have been a tad bit inspired by Andy Warhol. The Warhol look has been the most popular choice by far among our pet clients. We can customize your pets' portrait using any possible color combination you can think of. I like to think of our approach to color as sort of the "in your eye" school of color theory.

Keep in mind that we can do amazing things with the computer. If you have a kitty or pup with really large ears and would like to see those ears exaggerated a bit let us know. We have done some fun things with big eared Chihuahuas. Maybe you have a fat cat and would like that wonderful pear shaped feline to really look rotund ... just let us know. Typically we don't go to extremes unless our clients request it. If you want a blue dog you need to tell us because we will generally keep the coloring close to the original ... making a yellow dog maybe a tad more yellow, but not changing her hue entirely. Are you still reading? I suppose that's enough content for this page ... did I mention we do Custom Digital Pet Portraits from your snapshots? We are located in Dallas Texas and will ship our artwork anywhere on the globe. International pets need to have their humans e-mail us for shipping rates.

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