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Living With Dogs, Cats and Style!

There is no better place to show off your Art Paw original than your main living areas. Since all of our work is custom we can create your portrait in a style suitable for modern spaces, or more traditional environments.

Mod Pug Room
Many people think that Pop Art and all modern art has to be bright and bold in color so they shy away from anything "Retro". The reality is that a lot of post-modern design is very natural in coloring. I enjoy making op art patterns and even the Warhol style in a variety of shades from electric to subtle.

Portrait: Ottis

Groovy Patterns
Riley's artwork has a fun retro pattern in the background that mixes well with the pattern in these drapes, and on the rug.

Portrait: Riley

Think Big for small spaces!
If you are decorating a small apartment you may be tempted to work with groupings of small prints. If you want to really make a tiny room seem bigger there is nothing like one large canvas to do the job.

Portrait: Buster

Art Paw's Master Paw Prints are terrific additions to more traditional interiors. The fun thing is that while guests may recognize these famous paintings it may take an entire afternoon of tea and biscuits before they realize that your Renoir has something extra!

Portrait: Ginger


Art Paw designer showrooms have been created for your inspiration and to give you ideas for your space. These are design comps created from some of our favorite works, actual print sizes may vary depending on your personal space needs.

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